Friday, March 21, 2008

Busy to Beautiful

Sometimes you have to look closely at an image to see the hidden image within. I have wanted a professional photo of this little angel for some time and decided to create one myself. After digging through photos that I had taken over various visits I settled on this one taken this past Christmas.

She was studying her great-grandmother's face intently. I started by removing the background noise and softening the edges so that she didn't look like she had been cut out. The glamour glow filter enhanced her coloring and the high key filter dropped out some of the color. Soft focus enhanced the sweetness of her face. I added a very soft pink to the background to keep it from contrasting to starkly and then used a vignette blur.

I did not have to enhance the color of her clear blue eyes, that color came directly from her grandfather. Placed in simple silver frames, the resulting image will make a nice Easter gift to both her mother and her great-grandmother.

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